Pope Francis sorry for upsetting abuse victims

He said he realised his words hurt many, but repeated his belief that Chilean Bishop Juan Barros was innocent.

The pontiff was speaking to journalists on board a plane flying back to Rome.

Last week, he had said that victims who had accused Bishop Barros were committing slander.

The Pope was openly criticised by Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston, who said he left victims of sexual abuse committed by priests feeling abandoned.

VBTC management, board apologize for inappropriate content aired by TBV

Viewers of TBV were shocked when a pornographic clip was aired. The incident has drawn a lot of attention in social media.

The board and management have confirmed they are investigating the matter and will take serious disciplinary action against any staff involved in the incident.

This is the second time, the VBTC board has been assuring people about investigations to undertake in connection to incidents of concern involving VBTC staff. The first happened two weeks ago when a company car was reportedly involved in an accident.