The Big Lebowski

Actor David Huddleston, 'The Big Lebowski,' dead at 85

Huddleston, who died Tuesday at 85, starred in the 1998 crime comedy movie along with actors Jeff Bridges and John Goodman. Huddleston's character was millionaire Jeffrey Lebowski -- same name but very different lifestyle from Bridges' character, Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski."

Since its premiere, the film has grown a cult following.

Huddleson's wife recalled some of the reactions fans had about the movie.

"He was amazed that it connected him to a young generation who all knew him," Koeppe told CNN.

Beyonce buys 'The Big Lebowski' mansion

The iconic singer, who once sampled a French dub of Maude Lebowski's (Julianne Moore) monologue about feminism in her song "Partition,"has reportedly purchased the mansion seen in the film.