Bollywood actor Nana Patekar cleared of sexual harassment charges

Patekar was accused by actress Tanushree Dutta of harassing her in 2008 on the sets of a film they both starred in.

Patekar has always denied the allegations.

But they resurfaced in 2018, sparking India's #MeToo movement and leading to Dutta registering a new case.

Dutta, 35, had said that Patekar, 68, demanded that intimate dance steps between the two of them be included in a song - even though she had said this made her uncomfortable.

She also said he threatened her when she rejected him. She was 24 at the time.

Bollywood's 'original heartthrob' Vinod Khanna dies at 70

Khanna died of advanced bladder cancer on Thursday morning, said Tushar Pania, from the HN Reliance Foundation and Research Centre in Mumbai.

Dubbed Bollywood's "original heartthrob," Khanna had reportedly been battling cancer for several years.

Kashmir tension: Pakistan ends ban on Bollywood films

The decision to ban the films came amid a rise in military tensions over the disputed territory of Kashmir.

The boycott was imposed after some Indian film-makers had banned Pakistani actors from working in Bollywood films.

Bollywood is popular in Pakistan, and the self-imposed ban is reported to have led to a dramatic loss of revenue.

The move followed a surge in violence in Indian-administered Kashmir.

Film distributors and cinema owners in Pakistan said they would resume screening the films on Monday.

Muslim Bollywood star out of Hindu play

Some members of the Shiv Sena said they were against "a Muslim actor going on stage in a Ramlila", a theatre festival based on the Hindu religious epic Ramayana and performed across India.

The actor had said performing in the Ramlila was "his childhood dream".

The Shiv Sena often resorts to violence and threats to push its agenda.

The dramatic folk re-enactment of Hindu god Ram's victory over the 10-headed demon king Ravana celebrates the triumph of good over evil.

Australian cricket star releases Bollywood film UnIndian

The film UnIndian was shot in Sydney and will open across 300 screens on the cricket-mad sub-continent after a red-carpet premiere on 19 August.

Australian cricket legend Brett Lee plays an English teacher who falls in love with a single mother played by Bollywood star Tanishtha Chatterjee.

Lee - who is hugely popular in India - told the BBC that he has always seen himself as something of an actor.

"On the cricket field I'm totally different on the field to what I am off the field," Lee said.

"It came naturally to be in front of the camera."

Bollywood filmmaker convicted of raping American

A New Delhi trial court found Farooqui, best known as co-director of the 2010 film, "Peepli (Live)," guilty Saturday of raping the 35-year-old woman in the nation's first conviction for an oral sex rape, prosecution lawyer advocate Vrinda Grover told CNN.

India has been taking a closer look at its rape laws after the notorious gang rape and murder of a 23-year old woman on a bus in 2012 as it circled through the streets of New Delhi.

Bollywood fighting 'irrational' censorship in India

But a month ago, the makers of the film worried if it would ever release, due to censorship issues. BBC Asian Network's Haroon Rashid speaks to Bollywood actors and writers about creative freedom and censorship in India.

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) had asked the Udta Punjab filmmakers to make 94 cuts, including removal of expletives, references to cities in Punjab and any shots of drugs being consumed, ironically in a film about drug abuse.