Vanuatu parliament suspends opposition group over boycott

The reason given for the suspension was the opposition's boycott of the first session of parliament last week.

The boycott was over the actions of climate change minister Bruno Leingkon.

The opposition said Mr Leingkon came to parliament without isolating himself after entering a hotel where over 100 repatriated Ni-Vanuatu are being quarantined because of Covid-19.

Vanuatu Opposition boycott Parliament sitting in protest

The Daily Post reports Opposition leader, Ishmael Kalsakau, called on the Speaker to allow one of his deputies to act on his behalf, pending the outcome of the Speaker's court case.

Seoule Simeon has denied charges including assault and kidnapping. In October, he was ordered to pay $US5000 in damages to a woman in a civil case over an incident in 2016.

The Speaker refused the opposition's request, citing sections of the constitution that say he can maintain his position until proven guilty.

Vanuatu parliament sitting deferred after boycott

The parliament was scheduled to meet this morning in a special session to discuss constitutional reform.

However, there were only the government's 33 MPs present and the speaker adjourned the session until Monday.