Vanuatu govt proposes $US492m 2020 budget

Finance Minister Gaetan Pikioune said they had allowed for a series of major events in Vanuatu next year, reports The Daily Post.

Those included the general elections, the 40th independence anniversary celebrations, hosting of the Pacific Islands Forum summit, and Vanuatu's graduation from Least Developed Countries status by December next year.

Australia's aid budget cuts are a win for the Pacific

The government delivered its annual budget on Tuesday, announcing that the country's foreign aid budget had been cut again.

The Australian National University's Stephen Howes said programmes in places like Pakistan, Nepal, Cambodia and Indonesia have been slashed by as much as half.

But he said the Pacific has been spared.

"The government's caught between these two conflicting objectives. On the one hand, it doesn't want to increase overall aid," he said.

Minista blong faenem mo Ikonomic Manejmen Pikioune I peintem pitja blong ikonomi blong Vanuatu

Hemi se lukluk i stap se bambae grot blong ekonomik aktiviti raon long wol baebae hemi go antap moa bitim wanem we International Monetary Fund (IMF)i bin expektem bifo, espeseli insaed long ol emerging maket mo ol developin kaontris.

Taem hemi stap prisendem wan global economic aotluk long palamen bifo preentesen blong national badjet, minister Pikioune I talem se ol impruvmen long ekonomi blong ol kaontri ia, oli kontribiut long wan globol growth blong 3.6 pesen long yia ia 2016, mo IMF I expeketem wan smol rikavari blong 3.8 pesen long 2017.

Minista Pikioune I tabolem badjet long palamen

Hemi se badjet ya hemia hemi inkludim ol polisi praeoriti blong Gavman mo ol plan we hemi konsisten wetem ol prinsipol blong risponsibol fiskol manejmen we I stap long Seksen 22 blong Pablik Faenans mo Ekonomik Manejmen Akt (CAP224).

Vanuatu PM steps in amid budget crisis

No budget was passed last year and parliament has been dissolved.

The emergency measure was taken by Mr Kilman on his home island of Malekula because last Thursday was the last day of the government's 2015 financial year.

Vanuatu parliament has "money to spend"

Jimmy has also assured suppliers that they too will get paid.

He says the public machinery is functioning as usual, despite the dissolution of parliament last week.

Vanuatu parliament to sit today after appeals quashed

The President Baldwin Lonsdale had earlier threatened to dissolve Parliament if it did not sit today.

The acting speaker, Samson Samsen, issued a letter on Saturday demanding all MPs hold a session today, in order to pass the budget.