China’s Fujian Province Interested in Pacific Fisheries

Yolanda Jiang, PT&I China’s Manager, Trade, Operations and Special Projects based in Beijing, attended the 11thFuzhou International Fisheries Expo, the second largest professional fisheries fair in China.

China rules against Apple over iPhone patent claim

The iPhone 6 and 6S models are similar to Shenzhen Baili's little-known 100C phone, the authority ruled.

In theory, this could lead to iPhone sales being halted in Beijing but sales continue as Apple has appealed to a higher court.

The tech giant said the handset is still available throughout China.

China appreciates position of Vanuatu, Lesotho, Palestine on South China Sea issue

"Countries that harbor no selfish interests and understand the South China Sea sympathize with and endorse China's just position on this issue," spokesperson Hua Chunying said, adding that more and more countries and organizations have shown their understanding and support of China at public and bilateral occasions.

Vanuatu supports China’s proposition on South China Sea

And Vanuatu has called on parties directly concerned to stay committed to open friendly dialogue and peaceful settlement of disputes over territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests around the area. 

China hands over new Vanuatu convention centre

It was built by the Jiangsu Provincial Construction Group Company and features an amphitheatre as well as meeting rooms.

RNZI reports the dining/reception hall seats up to 600 guests and is adjoined by a full-service commercial kitchen.

Work on the site was delayed by half a year because of the devastation caused by Cyclone Pam last year.



The convention centre in Vanuatu's capital, Port Vila. The US$16 million building was funded by China. Photo: RNZI / Jamie Tahana


China I redi blong priperem Vanuatu athlete blong SP Games

Mr Liu i talem se China i redi blong ofarem moa trening long ol best atlet blong Vanuatu blong oli save winim ol medal long taem blong gem ia.

Niu ambassada blong China, hemi mekem tok tok ia taem we hemi bin mit wetem praem minista, Charlot Salwai long yestede (Tosde).

US unconcerned about China and Russia's influence in Pacific

China has developed a growing influence in the Pacific over recent years and this month Russia sent nearly US$9 million worth of weapons to Fiji with the negotiations for a second shipment underway.

However the US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Daniel Russel, said all countries could operate in the region effectively.

Chinese Government lends Vanuatu a sporting hand

“Today I am very happy, on behalf of the Chinese government, to offer Vanuatu a package of sport equipment at the beginning of 2016, which demonstrates both the actively supports of Chinese Government towards Vanuatu’s post-Pam reconstruction and another testimony of Sino-Vanuatu friendship,” Ambassador Xie said.

Video captures man's attempt to catch woman falling 11 storeys

The dramatic attempted rescue was captured on a surveillance camera in Chongwen Square in the Hubei Province, China.

Feng Ning, a 23-year-old army veteran can be seen in the black-and-white footage rushing into the street, his arms outstretched as a group of passers-by watch on.


Beijing issues first red alert as air pollution hits

Beijing's Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection warned that severe pollution would cloak the Chinese capital for several days, starting Tuesday morning.

According to the US Embassy in Beijing, the air quality index stood at 250, classed as "very unhealthy" and 10 times higher than World Health Organization recommended levels.