Commission of Inquiry

Inquiry finds misuse of EDF9 fund in Vanuatu

The Vanuatu Daily Post reported a total of US$2.5 million was allocated to Vanuatu, as part of the ACP-EU Energy Facility 1-European Development Fund 9, for three projects, specifically for Biofuel Projects in Vanua Lava in the Torba Province, Ambae in Penama Province and Malekula in Malampa Province.

According to a commission of inquiry report, the projects were declared complete in February 2017 for Torba and Penama Provinces, but were non-operational.

While the funding project for Malampa Province was almost used up, even though the project was never set up.

Kiribati announces Commission of Inquiry into ferry tragedy

The nation is in three days of mourning for those thought to have perished at sea after the ferry left on a journey from the island of Nonouti to the capital Tarawa three weeks ago.

President Taneti Maamau declared a public holiday "as a solemn day of remembrance and to honour those who have lost their lives in this tragedy."

The official mourning period started yesterday.

The Kiribati government said the inquiry would carry out "fact-finding missions" and "comprehensive investigations".

Govt launches Commission of Inquiry into allegation of VNPF mismanagement

Mr Pikioune said a total of VT4-billion and 4-hundred million (VT4.4 billion) worth of investments during 2007 – 2014 period, will be investigated.

This figure represents 22 percent of VNPF’s total investment.

The five-member Commission was appointed by the Minister for Justice. They include University of the South Pacific lecturer, Anita Jowitt, as chairperson, lawyer John William Timakata, accountant Kathy Abel Nako, Tony Nalipus as assessor, and Andrew Kausiama in secretary of the Commission.

The committee has at least two-months to complete their task.