Commonwealth Secretariat

Commonwealth assists Vanuatu Supreme Court

Like many small states, Vanuatu faces distinct challenges owing to its small size, geographical isolation, high cost of public services and limited pool of professional expertise. This impacts on judicial delivery, particularly institutional capacity.

Cybelle Cenac, a Saint Lucian/British lawyer was deployed by the Commonwealth for 18 months as the Master or Associate Judge of the Supreme Court to introduce new procedures in the capital, Port Vila.

Business groups agree plan to support Commonwealth businesswomen

At the Commonwealth Secretariat’s headquarters in London, the Commonwealth Businesswomen Network (CBW) and Global Banking Alliance for Women (GBA) formed a strategic partnership to support the growth of women’s entrepreneurship in the Commonwealth’s 53 countries.

The two organisations outlined policies they say will improve women’s participation in the economy. These include promoting the business case among governments and the private sector for financial institutions to support women, and pushing for open access to best practice and peer learning opportunities.

Commonwealth observer report on Vanuatu’s election released

The findings were revealed in a final report by the Group, who observed the pre-election preparations, voting and counting procedures.  The report has been sent to the Government, the Electoral Commission, the Speaker of Parliament and the Leader of the Opposition.