COVID-19 case

Vanuatu announces first Covid-19 case

A passenger, who arrived on a repatriation flight on 4 November, has been tested positive for Covid-19.

PM Loughman said the patient has been transferred to Vila Central Hospital.

The passenger travelled from the United States and transited in Auckland and Sydney before arriving in Port Vila.

Loughman has assured the country that the government has applied strict protocols to ensure the case does not spread.

He has called on the public to listen to and only follow advice from the health authority.

More details to come.    



One new case of COVID-19 in NZ in isolation visited Auckland supermarket

Hipkins said the 32-year-old man, who arrived from India on 3 July, left his managed isolation last night to go to the Countdown supermarket on Victoria Street in central Auckland.

The man was outside the facility for 70 minutes.

Hipkins said after CCTV footage was viewed and the man was interviewed, the current assessment of the risk to the public was low.

"The person wore a mask although indicated that was removed for short periods of time."

In a statement, Countdown said the supermarket closed for cleaning at 8.15 this morning and will reopen tomorrow.