COVID-19 patients

COVID patients in Fiji isolate at home

The Ministry of Health announced the move in June amid a daily-record of cases, taking the total number of infections since April to over 19,000.

Health experts in and around Fiji have warned against the government's plan to isolate COVID patients at home amid the escalating cases in the country.

There are 19,151 active cases in isolation with 8352 of them in the Central Division, 10,562 in the West, five in the North (Nabouwalu and Macuata), and 232 cases are in the Eastern Division (Kadavu).

Crew, passengers isolate on ships as COVID-19 infections soar in Fiji

They are the latest group amongst more than 4000 COVID-positive people to have been turned away from hospitals because there are not enough beds.

Fiji's chief medical adviser, Doctor Jemesa Tudravu, said the health ministry has set up a homecare support system for those isolating on the ships and at home.

This includes delivering food and medical supplies to the ships.

Dr Tudravu said the ministry is also monitoring people at home with follow-up telephone calls.

Barcelona beach trip for recovering coronavirus patients

Medical teams at the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona have been photographed wheeling people to the beach as part of a programme designed to humanise intensive care units.

In total, Spain has confirmed 239,932 infections and 27,127 deaths.

The government has slowly begun to ease what was one of Europe's most restrictive lockdowns.

At one point people could not go out to exercise and children were not allowed to leave their homes for any reason.

But Spain has brought its outbreak under control in recent weeks.