Dr Suresh Venkita

Cancer: There is still hope

But amidst the fear, Dr Suresh Venkita, medical director at the Pacific International Hospital reminds people that there is still hope.

He says cancer is one area greatly researched even today, and there are advancements on cure and prevention, targeted specifically for before the cancer forms.

This, he says, allows for early detection, prevention as much as possible, or for diagnosis, treatment and survival of the cancer.

“We are trying to take away fear of the cancer and bring back hope and confidence,” he said.

What is angioplasty?

If you have coronary artery disease, the arteries in your heart are narrowed or blocked by a sticky material called plaque.

How heart attack strikes

It actually begins in a simple process, says cardiologist Dr Suresh Venkita.

The heart muscle pumps all the time – from the day it begins in the foetus, it continues beating – day in, day out, with no rest at all.

For this, the heart requires blood to flow continuously through the coronary artery to its muscle.

Two major arteries are responsible for the blood supply to the heart. These coronary arteries are small tubes that carry oxygenated blood from the aorta to the heart muscle.

Healthy diets this Easter

Dr Suresh Venkita from the Pacific International Hospital reminds you that “a high intake of sugar any time is unwise”.

In an apparently healthy person, he says, sugar is a fuel which has to be burned efficiently and quickly before it is turned into fat (like surplus money which is parked in a fixed deposit!).

There’s also the risk of accidents due to high sugar intake in one time.