Duncan Campbell

UB40: Singer Duncan Campbell announces retirement

The 63-year-old, who replaced his brother Ali on singing duties in the British reggae pop band in 2008, suffered a stroke in August last year.

Since then the former pro spoon player had been recovering in preparation for the Birmingham band's upcoming UK tour.

But Campbell said had to retire now "due to continued ill health".

UB40 confirmed they have already begun the search for a new singer.

UB40 singer Duncan Campbell 'up and about' after suffering stroke

In a statement, the Birmingham-based band said he was "already up and about" and asked fans for privacy during his recuperation.

The band said they hoped he would make "a strong and speedy recovery" and that they would be back touring next year.

Campbell, a former professional spoon player, became lead singer of UB40 when his brother Ali left the group in 2008.

Ali Campbell has since toured as part of the breakaway group UB40 Featuring Ali, Astro & Mickey.