Nasi promotes healthy Easter eggs

In further promoting  Nasi’s constant message to school-age  children of eating healthy foods,  Xavier and Savannah De Ceuster skillfully hand-painted some hard-boiled eggs specially for the sick children, who were very grateful for the eggs. The children say « Thank you for the eggs !»

Nasi was received with mixed feelings of initial intrepidation then elation when they realised that Nasi, though seemingly intimidating, is just a harmless loving Nasiviru.

Migrant boats: Thousands saved off Libyan coast over Easter

More than 2,000 people were rescued on Friday and 3,000 on Saturday in dozens of separate rescues, the Italian Coast Guard said.

But at least seven people drowned as aid workers struggled to rescue more than 1,500 migrants in one operation.

An eight-year-old boy was among the dead, rescue workers said.

An earlier agency report said 20 bodies had been recovered by the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (Moas), but this was later corrected.

Moas said its rescue started in the early hours of Saturday and had continued non-stop into Sunday afternoon.

Healthy diets this Easter

Dr Suresh Venkita from the Pacific International Hospital reminds you that “a high intake of sugar any time is unwise”.

In an apparently healthy person, he says, sugar is a fuel which has to be burned efficiently and quickly before it is turned into fat (like surplus money which is parked in a fixed deposit!).

There’s also the risk of accidents due to high sugar intake in one time.


Are these the world's poshest Easter eggs?

UK-based chocolaterie Choccywoccydoodah is known for its outlandish, extravagant creations, and their Easter collection this year is no exception.

The window of their store in Brighton, Sussex, is currently decked out with chocolate Easter eggs that tower over customers, and attract Instagrammers in their droves.

And they all come with a price tag as impressive as their stature -- these giant eggs cost upwards of $31,128 (£25,000).

Easter egg calculator: How guilty should you feel about your binge?

This happens another five times and it isn't even lunchtime on Good Friday yet.

Before you know it, you've eaten more than 20 teaspoons of sugar, and that's on top of your regular diet.

It's a common story in the holiday period — especially one increasingly wedded to particular snack foods. So how guilty should you actually feel about it?

First, the scary part about sugar

KPMG performance coach and fitness fiend Andrew May crunched the numbers on the sugar content of the popular Easter items, and it's not great reading.

PM ino go long jioj long Easter wetem opposisen lida

Public relations Ofisa blong Ofis blong Praem Minista, Hilaire Bule I mekem toktok ya blong ansa long ripot we ikamaot long Vila Times newspepa I talem praem minister Salwai Tabimasmas ibin invaetem Oposisen Lida Alatoa Ishmael Kalsakau igo long jioj seves tugeta long Sandei 28 March 2016.

Church considers set date for Easter

The Archbishop of Canterbury announced over the weekend that churches worldwide are working to agree a fixed date for the Christian festival.

Justin Welby made the announcement after a meeting of primates from the Anglican Communion in Canterbury.