Vanuatu police receives equipment to support cyber policing efforts

Commander Vanuatu Australian Policing and Justice Programme Detective Superintendent Melissa Northam presented the items on behalf of Cyber Safety Pasifika.

Detective Supt Northam acknowledged the Vanuatu Police Force’s participation in the CSP and assured the VPF of future support.

She also announced the first cyber security scholarship was given to Vanuatu to enhance the Human Resource of cyber safety with its knowledge on dealing with cyber in Vanuatu.

UNDP and Japanese government help Vanuatu

The equipment includes hand and power tools for about 500 workers and associated protective gear.

The workers can be mobilized to undertake rehabilitation of community infrastructure or activities such as debris removal and solid waste management. The equipment will also be used to support basic carpentry training for youths.

Medical equipment donated from Nelson to help diabetes amputees in Vanuatu

In order to get some of the equipment to those in need, Nelson woman Belinda Roselli​ is trying to raise $14,000 to ship a 40-foot container from Nelson to Port Vila in Vanuatu.

Roselli's business, Lav Kokonas, imports and sells coconut oil and other products from Vanuatu and it was through her work she became aware of the rising problem of diabetes among the indigenous people of Vanuatu.