Why Facebook's mission changed

And, of course, transforming media and politics by presenting news and opinion -- true and fake -- to billions of people around the world.

Now the Facebook CEO is acknowledging that connecting people online isn't enough.

Smith refutes 'good bye' Facebook post

A post that read, "Goood Bye CAVS!!," was posted to the Facebook account of the Cavs guard, but it was quickly deleted.

Smith then tweeted out a few minutes later that he had been hacked and that he is not leaving Cleveland.

Idk what's going on with social media but this is crazy. I'm not leaving the #Cavs

— JR Smith (@TheRealJRSmith) June 21, 2017

Facebook reveals measures to remove terrorist content

The move comes after growing pressure from governments for technology companies to do more to take down material such as terrorist propaganda.

In a series of blog posts by senior figures and an interview with the BBC, Facebook says it wants to be more open about the work it is doing.

The company told the BBC it was using artificial intelligence to spot images, videos and text related to terrorism as well as clusters of fake accounts.

"We want to find terrorist content immediately, before people in our community have seen it," it said.



Man sent to jail for uploading and sharing Deadpool movie on Facebook

Being the world’s biggest social network, it’s a place where things often go viral. The same happened with 21-year-old pirate Trevon Maurice Franklin.

Franklin uploaded the movie just a week after Deadpool hit the theaters last year. His pirated copy of the movie was seen by about five million viewers. After his arrest for infringing copyright, the FBI is carrying out the investigation.

Facebook sorry for Tiananmen picture frame rejection

Fung Ka Keung had designed a layer of text, known as a frame, for his profile picture to commemorate the incident.

But it was rejected on the grounds it "belittles, threatens or attacks a particular person, legal entity, nationality or group".

Facebook was accused of having political motivations for the move.

The network has been blocked in China since 2009, and is thought to be keen to re-enter the market.

Swiss court convicts man over 'defamatory' Facebook likes

The landmark case involved comments made about Erwin Kessler, the head of an animal protection group.

He was accused of being anti-Semitic and racist, media reports say.

The Zurich district court said the defendant "clearly endorsed the unseemly content and made it his own" by liking comments.

The 45-year-old man liked six comments, according to Swiss newspaper Le Temps.

Mr Kessler is reported to have sued more than a dozen people over various comments made on Facebook in 2015.

5 years after rocky IPO, Facebook is stronger than ever

Facebook first minutes of trading were plagued by technical glitches at the Nasdaq. Dozens of lawsuits were quickly filed over the IPO -- both for the trading errors and for Facebook allegedly withholding negative information from investors.


EU fines Facebook over 'misleading' WhatsApp data claim

The European Commission said Facebook had said it could not automatically match user accounts on its own platform and WhatsApp.

But two years later it launched a service that did just that.

Facebook said the errors it had made were not intentional.


'Clear signal'

Facebook misses Thai deadline to remove critical content

The social media giant had been given until 10:00 local time (04:00 GMT) to remove 131 pages that Thailand said violated its strict lese-majeste laws.

More than 100 people have been charged under the law since the military coup three years ago.

Authorities had threatened legal action and a complete shutdown of Facebook.

Thais are among the biggest users of Facebook in Asia, with thousands of small businesses here relying on it as their main marketing tool.

Facebook adds purple flower reaction to thank moms on Mother’s Day

On this special occasion, which is celebrated today on 14th May 2017, Facebook has made efforts to make thanking people a lot easier with the help of its purple flower reaction.The social media giant brought back the purple flower emoji this season and had added it to the list of reactions that are available in every story, status update or pictures that are shared on Facebook.