French Polynesia

Tahiti's dengue-2 spread halted

The health ministry said three cases of type-2 dengue were brought in from Vanuatu when Tahiti hosted the under-17 football world cup qualification games.

It said strict measures were adopted to contain the outbreak by checking the players' temperature and by spraying venues and accommodation used for the event.

It said a month later no secondary case has been registered and the alarm level has been lowered.

The ministry thanked the public for helping contain the outbreak.

Nuclear expert Barrillot dies in Tahiti

Last year, the government reinstated him - three years after the previous government, led by Gaston Flosse, had sacked him as the head of the territory's body concerned with the aftermath of the French nuclear weapons tests.

Mr Barrillot's duties included work on the rehabilitation of the former test-related military sites on Moruroa and Hao as well as assisting in efforts to amend the French nuclear testing compensation law.

France and French Polynesia sign development accord

This deal follows the French President's visit to French Polynesia last year and looks at co-operation between Paris and French Polynesia towards the territory's development.

Francois Hollande said it was above all a political accord which will place French Polynesia in the republic and something that can no longer be questioned, Edouard Fritch added that the text opens symbolically to the recognition of France's nuclear legacy and its consequences.

France tested nuclear atomic weapons from 1966 to 1996 in Mururoa and Fangataufa.

Obamas expected in French Polynesia

Tahiti Nui TV reported that several sources had confirmed that Mr Obama would initially stay at the Brando resort on Tetiaroa.

The French Polynesian presidency said it had been advised of Mr Obama's arrival but no details about his stay had been given.

The reports said during their visit, Mr and Mrs Obama would also spend time on Bora Bora.

They said there would be no formal welcome when the couple arrives in Tahiti.


Photo: AFP Former US President Barack Obama and his wide Michelle Obama, in Cuba last year. 

French Polynesia encourage to train fishermen in NZ

He has been leading a delegation to the French territory this week.

Views were exchanged on industrial fisheries and fish farming, with a focus on the cultivation of grouper and mackerel.

Mr Jones spoke of his desire for a partnership in the fisheries sector and in maritime training in which he says New Zealand has long-standing know-how.


Photo: supplied  Shane Jones led NZ delegation in French Polynesia 

Leptospirosis concerns in French Polynesia

RNZ reports after the torrential downpour in Tahiti last month, 14 people were diagnosed with the disease of whom ten needed hospital care.

The infection rate has almost doubled and prompted the authorities to be circumspect when swimming in areas with big run-off.

The public has also been advised to try to control rodents as they can spread the disease, which triggers fever and pains and can damage kidneys.


French Polynesia to expand FM broadcasts

Radio Polynesie Premiere switched to an all FM service at the beginning of December, leaving pockets of inhabitants in valleys and on remote atolls without any local radio service.

The move caused concern and the French Polynesian government asked France Televisions to reconsider its decision.

However, the head of France Televisions Delphine Ernotte, who is in Tahiti, says the closure was a money-saving move by the government which is a shareholder.

New French nuclear compo stance welcomed

The French joint law commission decided unanimously to remove the term negligible risk from the nuclear compensation law.

The main test veterans organisation Moruroa e Tatou says the decision is a victory but as the victims have been disappointed so often, it is now to be seen how the new position will be applied.

The head of the organisation Roland Oldham has told Radio Tahiti 1 that the French state has allowed to let things slide and mocked the victims for a long time.

Tahiti cocaine smugglers sent to France

The four, including a French citizen, were arrested within a week on two separate yachts owned by a Frenchman.

The public broadcaster said the four were escorted by 12 police officer and flown out on scheduled aircraft bound for Paris.

The prosecutor in Tahiti said the four could face jail terms of up to 30 years.

Two of them were arrested off the Marquesas Islands and two in Tahiti after being stopped with a total of 1438 kilograms of cocaine which is reportedly worth about $US57 million.

Tahiti's Tong Sang gets suspended jail sentence

Tong Sang and two of his former ministers, Clarenntz Vernaudon and Fernand Roomataaroa, were convicted for signing contracts to seal a coalition deal with the Ai'a Api Party.

Tong Sang was fined $US18000.

The three have also been sentenced to jointly pay $US80000 to the public purse.

Their deal in 2008 was allegedly struck to firm up the government coalition.

It involved giving Roomataaroa the agriculture ministry and moving the incumbent into another job as well as upgrading the contracts of 20 of her staff.