Hollywood in the Trump era

Like many gilded ski towns in the West, Park City is a liberal bastion in a sea of conservatism. Donald Trump won Utah by 18 points, but here in Summit County he lost by 15. Flying from Burbank or Brooklyn to Salt Lake, then by car into the mountains, celebrities and executives were comfortably in progressive territory.

This Chinese 'Mad Max' rip-off will have fans Furiosa

George Miller's apocalyptic car chase extravaganza has, er... inspired a Chinese film due out later this month.

From the poster, to the trailer, to even on-screen credits, "Mad Shelia" shares visual cues and style with Miller's "Mad Max: Fury Road," and "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior."

Hollywood expresses shock, disappointment after voting results

As election results rolled in and reflected a strong showing for Republican candidate Donald Trump, celebrities -- particularly those who were #withher -- went from being fired up to frustrated.

"We fight on. For equality. For inclusion. For opportunity. For justice. For science," wrote "West Wing" cast member Bradley Whitford, who campaigned for Clinton. "This is not a defeat. It is a call to arms."

Risqué portraits and Hollywood secrets from photographer Marc Hom

For the last 25 years, his targets have been some of the biggest names in arts and culture, from actresses and athletes to models and monarchs. Just don't call them celebrities.

"I hate 'celebrity,' he says. "The word is so negative and loaded. I prefer 'personalities of the world.'"

Harry Potter star says Hollywood racist

He told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme the film world was seen as "very, very progressive", but was "lagging behind" industries in encouraging diversity.

Radcliffe also said it was hard for gay actors to come out for fear of being typecast in gay roles.

And he stated that he did not want to play Potter again "at this point".

The 27-year-old British actor has starred as JK Rowling's child wizard in several films since 2001.

'The Rock' is Hollywood's highest paid actor

The action star and former WWE wrestler tops Forbes list for biggest male acting moneymakers of 2016, released Thursday.

Elijah Wood clarifies comments on pedophilia and Hollywood

Wood stirred some buzz over the weekend after it was reported he made comments about alleged sex abuse in the industry. The actor, who appeared in his first film when he was 8, was said to have made the comments during a discussion about the Jimmy Savile sex scandal in the United Kingdom.

Savile, a beloved U.K. radio DJ and television star who died in 2011, is believed to have used his fame to sexually abuse an untold number of people, including children.

Zayn Malik: His 10 most shocking moments since leaving One Direction

Zayn Malik, 22, has always been our Bradford Bad Boi, but ever since he split from One Direction, he’s reached a new level of mischief.

Britney Spears teaches a kids' dance class

The pop legend took Hollywood by storm this weekend, carting her niece, Lexie, along for a fun-filled few days of dance class and amusement park rides. Spears' first stop was to teach a dance routine to another lucky group of little girls to Kesha's "Timber" and the '90s freestyle hit, Snap's "Rhythm is a Dancer."

"Watch Lexie pop!" Spears captioned one of the videos, referring to her older brother Bryan's daughter, who can be spotted closer to the wall adorably trying to follow along with the older girls.

“Tanna” film a hit at the Venice festival

Yet for the past week the city has itself been enchanted by a small group of ni-Vanuatu actors dressed in custom, whose film Tanna has been at hit at the prestigious Venice film festival this year.