Human trafficking case

China claims arrests of human traffickers in chained woman case

Three people have been arrested in connection with the case.

A video of the mother-of-eight sparked massive anger online when it emerged two weeks ago.

Officials first dismissed trafficking claims, but outraged netizens had kept up pressure, with some making daily calls for investigation.

Many of them also raised suspicions about kidnapping and abuse.

Even the hype around the Beijing Olympics has failed to distract people from the issue - a Weibo topic on the woman's plight has received more than 3bn views since the news first emerged.

Defendants in Vanuatu human trafficking case lose lawyer

Sekdah Somon and Buxoo Nabilah Bibi have been detained and face more than 300 charges over their alleged trafficking of dozens of Bangladeshi men.

A group of 101 migrants have been under state care in Port Vila since November and efforts are underway to repatriate them to Bangladesh.

The defendants' lawyer, Andrew Bal, filed to cease to act on their behalf last week.

The pair have told the Vanuatu High Court they are working to get a foreign counsel to represent them.

Without legal representation, a case hearing last Tuesday was postponed until tomorrow.