International Youth Day

Youth contribution acknowledged as Vanuatu celebrates International Youth Day

Ruben complimented young people as well as acknowledged the challenges that they are facing during International Youth Day celebrations yesterday.

“We must value young people for who they are and of what they are capable of. Let us appreciate the youth energy they have because they are the ones that will be our leaders for tomorrow. I would also like to say that young people are our strongest blessing within our societies and they always have the power to make change if only they are fully supported”, Ruben said.

Youth leading the way in COVID-19 solutions

“Young people have been frontline responders to the COVID-19 pandemic, mobilising across the world. They are health workers, activists, innovators and social and community workers,” said UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem on August 12th.

“To reach and engage young people during this pandemic, we must share information, clarify misinformation and we must equip them to take action to contain the spread of the virus. We must validate the leadership of young people and uphold their human rights.

Vanuatu youths encouraged to celebrate International Youth Day

The Port Vila Municipal Youth Council President, John Botleng is urging  young people in Port Vila and surrounding areas of Efate to join other  youth councils to commemorate IYD which will be held at the Feiawa Park (Sea Front).

The theme for IYD is ‘Youth Engagement for Global Action’.

The programme will include a custom ceremony, cake cutting and award giving ceremony to young people who have been seen as successful youth providing services and contributing to the youth development sector for Vanuatu.

7th International youth day in Port Vila

The event is in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth & Sport Development, the SHEFA Provincial Government, the SHEFA Provincial Youth Council, Port Vila Municipal Youth Council and the Vanuatu National Youth Council.

The IYD is an international day designated by the United Nations and is observed annually on the 12th of August.

It is designed to be an opportunity for Government and youth stakeholders to draw attention on youth issues worldwide.

SPC focus on improving prospects for Pacific youths

The Pacific Youth Development Framework targets some familiar areas - health, employment, governance and the environment - with the aim of raising standards and increasing involvement by young people themselves.

Mereia Carling, Human Development Advisor with SPC, says youth took part in drafting the framework, and they hope their new approach will be more effective than previous efforts.