Leadership dispute in Vanuatu heads to court

Vohor has lodged his constitutional application in court over his suspension by Kalsakau's UMP faction.

While Kalsakau, a former Attorney General was reported by the local media as saying Vohor's suspension would be dealt with by the UMP Congress later this year, the Daily Post newspaper reports Vohor's spokesman Marcellino Pipite saying Kalsakau was not appointed by the UMP Congress.

Leadership changes at ANZ

 During Price’s six-year tenure as Regional Executive Pacific, she has been responsible for driving the adoption of digital banking and has advocated for financial literacy and inclusion in the region.

 Price has also built strong, mutually-respectful relationships with regulators which helped ensure ANZ’s customers could navigate their way through COVID-19 successfully.

Reflecting on her time in the Pacific, Price said: “The Pacific is a remarkable, challenging and rewarding place to live and work, and it has been a privilege for me.

Women’s political leadership in Vanuatu by Jennifer Kalpokas Doan

Her father was a leader of the independence movement in Vanuatu and, following in her father’s footsteps, Jennifer has been a tireless advocate for developmental and inclusive leadership in her country. As part of International Women’s Day celebrations in March, the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation invited Jennifer to be part of a public panel on women in leadership. This is her statement translated from Bislama.

Fiji’s Candidate for Forum SG, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola shares insights from his leadership journey

Fiji’s candidate for the position is seasoned diplomat and former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, nominated in recognition of his ability to bring strong and decisive leadership to the Forum at this time. Announcing the nomination in August, Fiji’s Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama highlighted the careful consideration of the complex regional environment and the need for Ratu Inoke’s strong and visionary leadership to be able to guide, advise and broker political relationships and agreements in the best interest of the Pacific people.

Who might lead N Korea without Kim?

The BBC spoke to analysts about the contenders and whether history is on their side.

A male member of the Kim family has been in charge of North Korea ever since its founding by Kim Il-sung in 1948 - and the mythology of this family runs deep throughout society.

Propaganda about its greatness begins for citizens before they can even read: pre-schoolers sing a song called: "I want to see our leader Kim Jong-un."