Facebook teen-in-residence defects to Google and launches Lies

Over the past three years, he helped Facebook try to crack the middle school market with apps like the now defunct Lifestage.

But in August he switched sides, leaving to go work for Google. Yet his arrangement hasn’t stopped the now-21-year-old Sayman from tinkering with apps during his off-hours.

10 lies that you have necessarily given

Some people like to say that any truth is not good to say because some people are not ready to listen to the truth anyway. But however, there are lies that are totally free. What's more, they are automatic at home. To give us good consciousness, we often like to say that it was only a small lie of no consequence.

Below is a list of these lies.

1. " I love you! "To explain the use of these words, some say they want to simply get rid of someone who became too pressing to hear the magic phrase.