After heart attack, 'Biggest Loser' host Bob Harper 'back to square one'

The 51-year-old recently shared an Instagram video of himself walking on a treadmill.

"Well while all of my @crossfit family is getting ready for 17.3, I'm walking on a treadmill doing a stress test. Talk about starting back at SQUARE ONE. I plan on being the BEST STUDENT. #heartattacksurvivor," the caption said.

What to eat before, during and after a workout

So what do nutritionists recommend to munch on? It turns out that quality carbohydrates are important pre-workout and lean proteins post-workout, experts say.

What to eat before exercise

Before you exercise, eat carbs, but not too much, said Nancy Cohen, a professor in the department of nutrition at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

Processed meat 'could be bad for asthma'

Consuming more than four portions a week is a risk, suggests the study of nearly 1,000 French people, published in the journal Thorax.

The researchers believe it could be a preservative called nitrite used in meats such as sausages, salami and ham that aggravates the airways.

But experts say the link has not been proved and more investigations are needed.

Rather than worry about one type of food, people should be eating a healthy and varied diet, they advise.

'No proof' fitness trackers promote weight loss

The two-year long study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) included nearly 500 overweight volunteers who were asked to diet and take more exercise.

Half were given a fitness tracker to help them keep tabs.

This group had lost less weight than the other one by the end of the trial.

The study authors say this does not mean people should ditch the technology altogether, but neither should they put too much faith in them, at least as a slimming aid.

Ol fact blong swet

No matter ol body produsum ol swet we i no naes,  beh yumi kat 2 kaen swet.

Ol glands we i stap long ol hans, feet mo hed blong yumi i produsum swet wetem 99% wota, be swet blong ol glands blong armpits i no naes.

Sam situasen blong swet:

Sport: Taem we yu go ron o yu mekem sam physical aktiviti, bae ol muscle blong yu i wok had mo temperature blong body blong yu bae i go ap.

Taem we yu go hangout wetem partner blo u, hemi normal blong samtaem body blong yu hemi save produsum swet, espeselly taem yu nervous.

Roll-on vs. Spray

The debate is an old one. Roll-on versus Spray - we’ve all been there! Both formulas are highly effective and do the job. So your choice only depends on when, where & how to use.    


Dietary fats: the good, the bad and the ugly

Good fats can help you manage your emotions, stay sharp, fight fatigue, and control your weight. But bad fats do exist. They're the ones that can lead to weight gain and raise your risk of heart disease.

Of the four major types of fats, two are good fats: monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. They're mostly liquids at room temperature. An example is olive oil. The other two are bad fats: trans fats and saturated fats. They tend to be solid, like butter.

What You Should Know About Good Fats