Man dies

Man killed by his own bird in cockfight in India

The bird's owner was impaled in the groin by the knife as the animal tried to escape. The man died on the way to hospital from a loss of blood.

Police are now searching for 15 more people involved in the event, which took place in the village of Lothunur in Telangana state earlier this week.

The animal was held at a police station before being transferred to a farm.

One killed in apartment fire at Trump Tower in New York

The victim, a male resident, died at the hospital and has not yet been identified, they said.

US President Donald Trump has a home and an office in the building, but is currently in Washington.

The fire was reported to be on the 50th floor of the high-rise, which contains apartments and office space.

The president tweeted that the fire was out, and had been "very confined" as the tower is a "well-built building".

Streets surrounding the building in Midtown Manhattan have been closed off.