Mini Agriculture Show

First Mini Agriculture Show on Vanuatu’s West Ambrym

Over 10 local farmers of the Fan council area exhibited their produce from their farms at the show last week.

The Assistant Agriculture Officer (AAO) for West Ambrym, Willie Ben Temar said, “The main purpose of the Mini Agriculture Show is for the farmers to unite together and showcase their local produce and at the same time demonstrate the strength of agriculture on the island of Ambrym.”

“I worked with a key farmer on Craig Cove, Tasso Bong, who has attended the vegetable training in Port Vila last year to gather farmers to participate in this show.

Vanuatu’s Emae farmers prepare for mini-agriculture show

The Chairman of Emae Farmers’ Association, Kalo Daniel Maraki said he is proud to confirm the event.

“Emae farmers were able to present an exceptional result at the National Agriculture show in Santo last year and I am proud that Emae will be hosting this mini-agriculture show. This is an opportunity for farmers to exhibit their best products and I am expecting a higher level of output,” said Mr Maraki.

“Most products will be yams, vegetables and other agricultural products and livestock animals as well.”

Vanuatu’s Emae island to host Mini Agriculture show in June

The senior officers of the Extension and Technical Division of the Vanuatu Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) have decided that Emae island will host the Mini Agriculture Show.

Shefa Provincial Agriculture Officer (PAO) Willie Iau, confirmed that, the main theme for the Mini Agriculture Show is ‘Grow Organic, Eat local and Think global’.

“According to the DARD Business plan 2019, the Mini Agriculture Show on Emae is part of the preparation towards 2020 National Agriculture Festival on Tanna”.