Motion of no confidence

Vanuatu MP publicly accuses opposition of forgery

A special session of parliament will be called today to hear the motion with the opposition claiming to have the support of 30 of the 52 MPs in parliament.

This is despite several government MPs, whose names appear on the motion, claiming their signatures have been forged.

The MP for Malo/Aore constituency, Uri Warawara, has presented copies of his signature and passport to the Vanuatu Daily Post as proof that they are different from the marks on the motion documents.

Vanuatu Speaker dismisses motion of no confidence

The leader of the opposition Ishmael Kalsakau submitted the motion yesterday morning with signatures from 30 of the 52 MPs in Vanuatu's parliament.

But the speaker Esmon Saimon told the Vanuatu Daily Post last night he declared the motion not in order because the date requested for an extraordinary session of parliament to hear the motion clashed with parliament's schedule.

An opposition spokesperson said they would be challenging the speaker's decision in court.

Vanuatu MPs say signatures on motion of no confidence forged

In a letter to the Speaker of Parliament, the MPs have asked that their names not be considered part of any such motion brought before the house.

The MPs named in the letter are Hon. Christophe Hogtermon Emelee, Hon. Jack Wona, Hon. Tom Noam Iouniwan, Hon. Kalo Pakoasongi Lawo, Hon. Don Ken Stephen and Hon.Jack Norris Kalmet.

The four men, who have crossed the floor to join the government, said they believe their signatures had been forged from previous no confidence motions.

Vanuatu opposition MP plays down motion talk

Ishmael Kalsakau told the Daily Post the opposition has a total of sixteen MPs, following the defection of the Leaders Party from the coalition government amid a cabinet reshuffle.

However, Mr Salwai still holds a clear majority in the 52-seat parliament.

Mr Kalsakau again responded to reports of an imminent motion by saying the opposition would only table one when it has the numbers to pass it.

Last week, Mr Kalsakau told RNZ Pacific he was working to develop a perfect team.

No confidence motion filed in Vanuatu

Officials at the Speaker's office confirmed the motion had the required nine signatures and that if ruled in order would be debated on Tuesday June 19.

All of the signatories are opposition MPs.

In December last year Mr Salwai defeated a motion of no-confidence lodged against him by 37 votes to 13.


Vanuatu Opposition’s motion of no confidence ready for Tuesday

The Office of Speaker has also confirmed that 9 opposition MPs signed the motion and it was deposited by the MP for Efate constituency, Joshua Kalsakau.

The mover of the motion is the leader of the opposition, Ishmael Kalsakau and seconded by his deputy, Fred Tasso from Paama constituency.

The reasons of the motion:

1. The signing of PACER PLUS against the will of backbenchers and the members of parliament including the private sector of Vanuatu.

2. The possible introduction of Income Tax

Vanuatu Govt set to face another no confidence motion

The motion from nine opposition MPs was lodged on Thursday, according to local reports.

The Opposition was absent on Thursday morning, prompting a delay until next Monday of the special sitting, but the speaker today called the session off after a request from the prime minister, to allow Parliamentary committees, convened to report on several topics including the Constitution, to give their findings.

The motion is now set to be tabled net Thursday.

Vanuatu govt's reforms at risk of being derailed

The speaker of parliament yesterday ruled the motion as invalid, after a number of MPs who earlier signed the document subsequently withdrew their names.

As parliament adjourned, the government of Charlot Salwai appeared to have the support of 31 of the 52 MPs.

However, the Lands Minister Ralph Regenvanu said their aim of introducing political reform through constitutional amendments might now be derailed.