Vanuatu children put their wishes in the Sagoa for Pacific Mini Games athletes

Van2017 wants to make sure that people in the villages in Vanuatu are involved in and own the Games in December.

As their journey progress along Island in the Province of Penama, Sagoa and the lovable bird Nasi are capturing children’s hearts, as well as promoting healthy habits and lifestyles, through the inception of the Champions Program in schools.

Having Nasi and the Sagoa in person in front of them has boosted children’s knowledge about the Pacific Mini Games that Vanuatu is ready to host this year.

Pacific Mini Games Mascot Nasi in special display for Vanuatu Independence day

This year’s Independence program on July 30 was earmarked by the appearance of the Pacific Mini Games Mascot Nasi, during the usual concert performed by the Vanuatu Mobile Force Band.

It is the first time an additional entertainer has joined the band on the official Independence program and it was definitely a highlight for all the children - and the adults as well.

Nasi spent some days practicing with the VMF Band before it appeared on the field at Independence Park to entertain the thousands of people who gathered to mark the national day.

Pacific Mini Games Mascot Nasi & Em Pawa star at Children’s Program and Wilco RIR

The appearance of the Pacific Mini Games Mascot, Nasi, and his partner Em Pawa was a highlight of the program.

At every venue where Nasi was invited to join the children, many of them rushed to the big bird to touch and hug him, and some just to touch his tail.

Over the weekend, Port Vila city was busy with different activities, and on Saturday Nasi was at each village of Efate to receive and encourage  the first runners of Wilco Round Island Relay who passed by.

Nasi heads from Tafea Province back to nature

As part of the 2017 Pacific Mini Games awareness campaign to Government Ministries, Nasi visited the many different sites under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Bio security (MALFFB) in Port Vila.

Nasi promotes healthy Easter eggs

In further promoting  Nasi’s constant message to school-age  children of eating healthy foods,  Xavier and Savannah De Ceuster skillfully hand-painted some hard-boiled eggs specially for the sick children, who were very grateful for the eggs. The children say « Thank you for the eggs !»

Nasi was received with mixed feelings of initial intrepidation then elation when they realised that Nasi, though seemingly intimidating, is just a harmless loving Nasiviru.

Van2017’S Nasi visits Lelepa, Vanuatu UNESCO world heritage sites

After a team introduction, Champions Program coordinator, Wilfred Koran, made a presentation to the Heads of Schools and their Zone Curriculum Advisor on the content of the Champions Program and what the schools will expect if they are being visited by NASI.

During his presentation, Mr. Koran informed teachers that as part of the program and its legacy in schools, teaching materials on environment, custom & culture, health & sports will be produced to assist teachers with their available teaching resources.