National Bank of Vanuatu

Digicel Vanuatu & Telstra International deliver world-class cyber security to National Bank of Vanuatu

This collaboration symbolizes NVB’s dedication to safeguarding the integrity of its network and Customer Service channels and its ongoing commitment to ensuring that robust security controls are in place to counter evolving cyber threats.

National Bank of Vanuatu opens online branch in South Santo

This is a boost for NBV as it brings banking services to rural communities and deliver on its mission and vision.

The launching was witnessed by the SANMA Province President, Malmal Langi Touve, Secretary General Albert Ruddley and his staff, chiefs and people around Tasmalum and NBV staff.

SANMA President Touve said he is very appreciative of this achievement and all the other work NBV does in his province.

NBV’s acting CEO, Tony Motuliki was humbled to launch the Tasmalum branch and to witness the real joy and relief on the residents of this community.

Vanuatu superannuation fund acquires more shares in National Bank of Vanuatu

A Share Certificate confirming the new 56.03 per cent shareholding in NBV was presented to the provident fund at a ceremony recently.

The Government’s representative and VNPF’s Board Chairman. August Letlet described the development as a very important milestone for Government and both institutions.

Mr Letlet said since NBV’s restructure, the Government has a vision to ensure that NBV must reach out to its people.

National Bank of Vanuatu issues warning about scammers

NBV said they are aware of fake messages circulating on IMO or Instant Messenger on Facebook from fraudsters claiming to be from the company.

“They con unsuspecting individuals into depositing funds into an NBV account owned by a Ni-Vanuatu with promises that they will receive substantial amount of money,” the bank said.

NBV warned the public that these messages are not coming from the Samsung company. They are being sent by scammers.

Low cost housing product introduced in Vanuatu

The ‘Isi Haos’ Product is more than shelter.

The houses come in different packages with a 3,000 litre water tank, an underground well and solar power, available from Vt1.2 up to Vt3 million.

Executive General Manager of NBV’s Rural Banking and Financial Inclusion, John Aruhuri, said the product takes into account the situation of the country.

“We continue to face a variety of disasters including the challenge of climate change year after year.”

“We (NBV) design this product to provide a safe and secure housing for everyone.”

About 30,000 rural ni-Vanuatu to be migrated to electronic banking

This is part of efforts to address low usage, cost of travel and lack of opportunities to transact.

The United Nation’s Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP), through funding from the Governments of Australia and New Zealand, is working with NBV to launch a tablet-based transaction platform that will vastly reduce transaction time and costs.  The project is also expected to add 14,200 new customers to the NBV client base, of which 50% will be women.

NBV Banks on Vanuatu Rugby League

VRL President Tom Carlo commented on this new deal “To have our National Bank, supporting our National team is very encouraging. Over the years we’ve prided ourselves on investing in Vanuatu and we couldn’t be happier to have the National Bank of Vanuatu to invest and bank on us in return.”

The sponsorship will see the National Bank of Vanuatu feature on the back of the Fr8 Logistics/DHL Vanuatu Rugby League team playing shorts and training shorts.

NBV sponsors Vanuatu Beach Volleyball team

The Vanuatu team needs to play in a minimum of twelve (12) FIVB World Tour Events each event costing the team close to 1 million vatu in airfares alone.

To date the girls have played in seven events and are currently ranked 22 in the Olympic ranking.

The top seventeen 17 teams (two from each country) will qualify through the FIVB World Tour Olympic ranking calculated by taking each team’s best 12 event finishes from January 1 to June 12, 2016.