National University of Vanuatu

PM Kalsakau congratulates National University of Vanuatu graduates

Kalsakau acknowledged that the graduates were enrolled in locally offered university programmes that incorporate bilingual and plurilingual content in English, French, and other languages.

“I commend their efforts to have persevered in their studies despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic from 2020 to 2022 and their patience in waiting to receive their internationally recognised qualifications. I also salute the efforts of our young NUV to develop its infrastructure, faculties and schools, staff, and research capacity.”

Fruitful discussions organised by NUV on Francophonie day

The theme for the panel discussion was “The digital offer in Vanuatu: a tool to promote the Francophonie in a cultural and linguistic diversity?”

A successful new academic year kick-off for National University of Vanuatu

The event at the Convention Centre was an impressive success and gathered hundreds of people who were delighted to join the NUV for a new academic year.

The NUV was established in 2020 to provide higher education advancement and lifelong learning through academic and professional excellence in both English and French.

The University promotes training, teaching, learning, research and international cooperation.

France grants 8 million vatu to National University of Vanuatu for botany and health research

Biodiversity in the overseas territories of the Pacific (New Caledonia, French Polynesia) and the Republic of Vanuatu provide essential ecosystem services to their populations, particularly in the context of health care. Indeed, plants represent a source of easily accessible and free basic care, commonly used by these populations.

Traditional Kanak, Polynesian and Vanuatu medicine includes a significant component dedicated to the treatment of infant and child pathologies.

NUV and Vanuatu Intellectual Property Office develop academic and educational cooperation

The MoU will help develop academic and educational cooperation on the basis of equality and reciprocity to promote knowledge-based economy in fostering and promoting creativity and Innovation in Vanuatu.

Under the partnership, the VanIPO will support the NUV to promote innovation for economic growth as well as provide trainings and services on intellectual property laws and respect of intellectual property rights.

The NUV will develop with the support of VanIPO educational programs on intellectual property rights for school students and teachers.

National University of Vanuatu releases its publication on Education, Identity and Cultures

In May 2021, the NUV, the Ministry of Education and Training in collaboration with the Vanuatu Cultural Center (VKS) jointly organized a symposium on the issues of education and culture, which intertwine custom and academia in a perspective of recognition of the identity of Vanuatu. Following the symposium, the discussions were documented. The content of those fruitful discussions can now be shared with a wider audience through the publication Education, Identity and Cultures.

National University of Vanuatu announces second phase of student employability project

The project has support from the French Government of 36.88 million vatus.

It will incorporate the School of Education, Vanuatu Agricultural College (VAC) and the Vanuatu Institute of Technology (VIT).

A convention should be signed over the next weeks to provide a support of 19 million vatus to the NUV for the integration of higher education and training institutions to the NUV.

National University of Vanuatu contributes to Tongan community’s relief efforts

The Vice Chancellor and President of NUV, Jean-Pierre Nirua, said, “The National University of Vanuatu joins the solidarity efforts led by the Vanuatu-based Tongan community and local authorities in support of the relief and recovery actions towards the people of the Kingdom of Tonga.”

National University of Vanuatu registers over 700 students

Four-hundred of the students are enrolled in programmes run in partnership with overseas universities.

Another 360 have enrolled with the School of Education.

Speaking to the students this week, NUV Vice Chancellor Jean Pierre Nirua said the institution is ready to help every individual to achieve their goals.

 “Your national university will do its best to ensure higher education for you, a rich and diversified student life and experiences backed by services to support your personal training and development to prepare you for employment.”

Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education now under NUV

The inauguration coincided with the beginning of NUV’s academic year Monday.

Prime Minister Bob Loughman issued the order prescribing the requirements of eligibility for VITE to join NUV as a School of Education under the NUV Act No. 34 of 2019.

“As the Prime Minister, I want to express the excitement of the government and people of Vanuatu for this milestone,” said PM Loughman.

“Development of a degree program by Ni-Vanuatu lecturers is a sign of maturity. I’m inviting other PSET providers to follow suit.”