Vanuatu NDMO continues with relief supplies to affected islands


The Logistics Cluster-led by NDMO has organised 12 shipments of food and non-food items relief supplies since April 10, when the first shipment of relief supplies by MV Young Blood left Port Vila for Bwatnapni in Pentecost.

According to the Logistics Team, ten shipments have already transported relief supplies to the northern islands for TC Harold response, while two shipments to the island of Tanna for the Ash-Fall victims.

Fundraising and Donation Form for TC Harold at NDMO

Communities, organisations or individuals are advised to fill out the form at the NDMO reception should they wish to make any fundraising towards TC Harold victims or before carrying out donations.

The form should only be filled out at the NDMO and should have the name of the person doing the donation, the type contribution or donation and the name of the beneficiary or the person receiving the donation.

The purpose of the form is to ensure proper records of donations and distributions during recovery of TC Harold.

Vanuatu NDMO clarifies all foreign supplies must be processed in Port Vila

She made the statement following public criticisms about the response time from the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) to communities affected by Cyclone Harold.

Mrs Garaebiti, who is also the Director General of the Ministry of Climate Change, says all relief items must be cleaned, disinfected in Port Vila, to minimise the risk of spreading the deadly Coronavirus/COVID-19 before distribution of the items to the affected areas.

Airports Vanuatu Limited helps NDMO with ground handling of international flights

According to AVL, “International scheduled air services continue to be suspended by our airline partners and restrictions continue to be applied by the Vanuatu Government on international air operations into Vanuatu, as a result of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic.

“Only special international charter, medivac, and technical stop flight applications are currently being considered and approved (or denied) by the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), during our active COVID-19 and TC Harold National State of Emergency.

Vanuatu NDMO gives all clear for Cyclone Oma

The NDMO confirmed that the National Emergency Operational Centre (NEOC) remains operational, as well as the Provincial Emergency Operation Centre (EOC)’s at Torba, Sanma and Malampa province.

“Plans are in place to conduct aerial surveillance of damaged areas on Wednesday 20 February. Assessment teams have been formed in Torba and Sanma provinces to commence damage assessments,” a statement said.

Logistical plans are in place to provide relief supplies when the rough seas subside.

Disaster authorities in Vanuatu on high alert as Cyclone Donna intensifies

Central and southern Vanuatu are also expected to be affected and the Director of the National Disaster Management Office, Shadrack Welegtabit, says authorities are not taking any chances.

Welegtabit said the National Operations Centre has been activated at the national and provincial levels.