New Rules

Beijing introduces rules for winter Olympians

China, where measures to tackle COVID-19 are among the world's strictest, has already said international spectators will not be allowed to enter the country for the Games which will run from Feb. 4 to Feb. 20.

China has all-but shut its borders to international travellers, with the number of international flights drastically reduced from pre-COVID levels, and games organisers said on Monday that domestic and foreign airlines will be encouraged to operate temporary flights available only to participants.

NZ Rugby to trial new rules in school and club rugby

NZR said the aim is to enhance the safety and appeal of the sport and have called the changes Experimental Domestic Safety Law Variations (EDSLVs).

Eight of the fifteen approved EDSLVs will be rolled out nationally across Small Blacks, Teenage Rugby and Senior Rugby; with the other seven being trialled in selected competitions, in consultation with Provincial Unions.

National changes include reducing tackle height, enhancing breakdown and scrums, and ensuring players remain grounded whilst contesting high balls, in a bid to reduce aerial collisions.

NRL open to change if new rules to make game more entertaining don't work

On Thursday chief executive Andrew Abdo said the early rounds of the season will be a litmus test and he is prepared to make changes should the new laws have an undesirable impact.

"Like any change, you have to monitor and we'll adjust if we need to," Abdo told AAP.

"The first few rounds will be critical for us to gather data.

"Ultimately the objective is to create free-flowing football for fans, but we also have to balance that out and make sure we still maintain the fabric of the game and the different skill sets of the different players.