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Changing New Zealanders’ thoughts of the Pacific

That was the objective behind a report commissioned by the Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) into New Zealanders’ Perception of the Pacific reports Tagata Pasifika.

Executive Director David Vaeafe says the report is part of a new approach for the organisation to look at relationships, not only to amplify the voices of the Pacific but also to strengthen New Zealand’s identity as a Pacific nation. 

Vaeafe says the report provides a snapshot of New Zealanders’ views today. 

New Zealanders urged to deepen their knowledge of Pacific

The call comes from the Pacific Cooperation Foundation which has just carried out its first-ever survey about New Zealanders' perception of the Pacific​.

PMN News reports the Foundation's Executive Director David Vaeafe says the report based on the survey gives a mixed picture of knowledge about the Pacific, with only 29 percent of those surveyed saying they had a good understanding of Pacific cultures.

Kiwis hungry for takeaways eat up 5 weeks' worth post lockdown

That's according to a report from ASB, which also says that in the future households might prefer cheaper luxuries like takeaways to more expensive big-ticket items.

So did level 3 arrive just in time to help save the hospitality industry?

Mike Egan is the president of the Restaurant Association of New Zealand and co-owner of Monsoon Poon in Wellington and Auckland, and the Boulcott Street Bistro and Burger Liquor in Wellington.

Egan told Morning Report the industry kicking back into action was a welcome distraction for many.