Nigerian forces 'killed 150 protesters'

Amnesty International said the country's military used live ammunition and deadly force against pro-Biafra protestors who were campaigning for independence from Nigeria.

Nigeria's police denies allegations that it used unnecessary force.

The country's army said Amnesty was trying to tarnish its reputation.

Amnesty's report is based on interviews with almost 200 people, alongside more than 100 photographs and 87 videos.

Spain thanks Nigeria for good match

Speaking at the post- match press conference, coach Lopez said his side unfortunately didn't carry out their gam plane well in the midfield.

Nigeria coach Peter Dedevbo was happy with his girls saying this was the best match they've played so far in the competition.

Player of Match Chinwendu Ihezuo was overwhelmed for their win thanking God for it.

"God did it for us. I feel very excited and happy”, the overwhelmed player of the match said in tears.

Nigeria upset Spain 2-1 at PNG Football Stadium

Both teams registered one goals each in the first half of the match.

Spain's midfielder Alba Redonzo scored the first and only goal against Nigeria in the 5th minute.

Nigeria responded with its first goal in the 11th minute which was scored by midfielder Ihuoma Onyebuchi leveling the scores at 1-all.

Going into the second half on equal points, Nigeria put the Spaniads under pressure in the early minutes of the match.

Spain and Nigeria deadlocked at 1- all at halftime

It was a good start to the match with both teams having equal possession of the ball in the first three minutes of the match.

Nigeria's Lillian Tule received a yellow card in the 5th minute which Spain used in its advantage.

 Spain's Midfielder Alba Redonzo found Nigeria's net a minute after, registering its first goal in the 5th minute.

Nigeria responded with its first goal in the 11th minute which was scored by midfielder Ihuoma Onyebuchi leveling the points at one all.

Nigeria rebounds to the Winning Circle

Canada came out in the opening minute to open the scoreboard with the first point of the night when mid fielder Deanne Rose crossed an amazing right footy for striker Gabrielle Carle who laced the footy with a powerful chop into the net to lead 1-0.

Chinwendu Ihezuo and Joy Bokiri of Nigeria pushed forward with every opportunity until the 44th minute when Canada’s Bianca St Georges caused a handball foul after trying to head the ball off the penalty box.

Nigeria's striker Chinaza Uchendu converted the direct penalty for an equalizer at half time.

Nigeria down but not out

Nigerian coach Peter Dedevbo, in the post match conference, said despite his team going down by a huge margin this evening, they will come back stronger in their next match.

He said he did anticipate such a goal margin from a side that has been together for a long time.

This evening's match saw Japan power house duo Yuka Momiki and Mami Ueno score three goals each while an embarrassing home goal by Nigeria's Mary Ologbosere gave her opponents that 7-0 win.

Japan had 68 percent ball possession against Nigeria's 32 percent.

Nigeria goes down to Japan

Japan's No. 10 Yuka Momiki and No.18 Mami Ueno scored three goals each, while  Nigeria scored one goal into their own net. 

Leading by 2 in the first half, Japan continued its firey form in the second half in front of a crowd of 1,651. 

Going into the second half with 66 percent ball possession, Japan was awarded an early penalty in front of Nigerian goal mouth seven minutes into the second half. 

Japan's Momiki scored her second goal for the night in the 51st minute, expanding their lead 3-0. 

Japan takes lead in first half

The second match at Bava Park this evening had a firing start with Japan taking a penalty kick in front of Nigeria's goalmouth in the second minute of the match, only to find the outside corner net.

The local supporters added that boost for Japan, who had more possession of the ball in the entire first half of the match.

Awesome defense by Nigeria's defenders prevented a goal to Japan in the 7th and 8th minutes of the match.

Japan takes on Nigeria at 7pm

Both teams have one win, one lose and a draw against each other.

Nigeria has had 7 appearances at the World Cup since 2002, while Japan stands at 4 appearances in the competition.

Neither teams have a title against them. Together their total scored goals stand at 8, that's 4 goals each from previous World Cup meets.

The Japanese side will be captained by defender and No. 5 Ruka Norimatsu, while Nigeria will be led by goalkeeper Sandra Chiichii.

Pictured in navy blue are the Japanese warming up before the match.

Nigeria investigates reports that officials raped displaced women

The move comes after Human Rights Watch published a report detailing accounts by dozens of women and girls who said they were sexually abused or coerced into sex.

The women said they were raped or abused by camp leaders, vigilante group members, policemen and soldiers at camps in Borno State's capital, Maiduguri. The camps were set up to offer aid to people displaced by fighting in Nigeria's northeast.