Trump's nuclear ambitions raises as Marshalls head to court again

The Micronesian state's appeal against a US federal court decision is due to be heard on Thursday (NZT).

The Marshall Islands has had no wins so far in its battle to have the world's nuclear powers honour their promise to disarm under the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.

Its case against the US was thrown out a year ago on constitutional grounds and in October the International Court of Justice rejected the Marshalls' suits against India, Pakistan and Britain.

Iran: Nuclear scientist executed for spying

Shahram Amiri had been in custody in Iran since 2010.

"Shahram Amiri had access to the system's top secrets and had gotten connected with our number one enemy the Great Satan," Iranian judicial spokesman Hojjat al-Eslam Mehdi Mohseni-Ejehei told reporters Sunday, according to state news agency IRNA.

Amiri's case had been reviewed by the Iranian high court, which upheld the conviction, according to Mohseni-Ejehei. "The Iranian High Court reviewed this decision with extreme care given the allegations of espionage," he said.