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NZ takes part as largest ever Australia-US joint military exercise gets underway

Eleven countries will be involved in the Talisman Sabre joint military exercises, held over two weeks.

New Zealand has sent two army platoons, 20 light armour vehicles and nine other vehicles, and three helicopters, as well as a Navy contingent.

Australia and the US began two weeks of war games involving more than 30,000 troops on Friday, in a show of force and unity at a time when China has emerged as an increasingly assertive power in the Indo-Pacific.

Rockets reportedly fired at US army base in Camp Taji

An Iraqi military statement said the camp had been targeted by Katyusha rockets.

Sky News reported a missile landed near the camp's gates, wounding a member of the security forces.

Taji is the base where the remaining 45 New Zealand defence force personnel are stationed in Iraq.

The New Zealand Defence Force (NDF) said all New Zealand soldiers at the camp are safe and accounted for.

A spokesperson said the rocket attacks where New Zealand soldiers are training Iraqi security forces are a regular occurrence.