Positive outlook for NZ economy - NZIER

The Institute's forecast suggests parts of the economy, such as tourism, had picked up and were offsetting the weakness in dairy incomes, while key export markets such as China and the United States were chasing New Zealand produce.

Continued strong migration was also bolstering domestic activity.

Rogue advisers see Pasifika families unfairly deported, lawyer says

Richard Small's comments come after a Tongan family he represented won a last-ditch appeal to stay in the country.

Viliami and Limiteti Talamai came to New Zealand in 2008 with their two young children hoping for a better life.

NZ student mistaken for terrorist

Jaspreet Singh was sitting at Columbus cafe yesterday morning, outside Auckland Hospital, and a few metres away from the University of Auckland Medical School where he is studying to become a doctor.

Singh is 21 and wears a turban as part of his Sikh faith.

NZ urged to act on rising sea levels

The Commissioner's latest report Preparing New Zealand for rising seas: Certainty and Uncertainty identified at least 9000 New Zealand homes that lie less than 50cm above spring high tides.

There was no doubt that sea levels were rising and it was certain the frequency of coastal flooding would increase as sea level rises, Dr Wright said.

Areas of low-lying coastal land that at present flood during storms or king tides will experience more frequent and severe flooding.