Obed Moses Tallis

Legal action filed against Vanuatu's President

The former chairman of Public Service Commission, Martin Mahe, registered the constitutional application against President Tallis.

It argues the Constitution has no provisions for the Head of State to pardon convictions, only sentences.

Natuman and Salwai were convicted during their reigns as prime minister in two separate legislatures.

Vohor, on the other hand, was sent to jail when he was Member of Parliament for Santo Rural constituency.


Photo file Vanuatu President Obed Moses Tallis


Vanuatu Supreme Court reserves ruling on amendment

Obed Moses Tallis made a request for a legal opinion over uncertainty around the position of Parliamentary Secretary.

The President's legal counsel Gary Blake said they were not challenging the amendment but the validity of the process for the creation of the position.

Mr Blake made the clarification after both counsels were reminded by the Chief Justice to stick to the facts surrounding the case.

Vanuatu leader calls for constitution upgrade

Obed Moses Tallis made the call on Vanuatu's Constitution Day last Thursday.

He has not specified his concerns but said it was the duty of law makers to ensure existing laws under the constitution are upgraded to address all the issues that arise in society today.

The call has come as the Vanuatu Christian Council pushes for changes to the freedom of worship clause in the constitution to state that only Christian denominations are allowed to set up in Vanuatu.