Vanuatu Opposition worried by political lobbying

Tallis Obed Moses was installed as president by vote of the Electoral College, replacing Father Baldwin Lonsdale who died in office.

The opposition leader Ishmael Kalsakau said college members were lobbied to elect Mr Moses with the promise that the next head of state would be from Sanma province.

Mr Moses is from Malampa.

Mr Kalsakau said the promise eroded the democratic right of college members to vote for their preferred candidate from 16 people nominated for the role.


Photo file. Caption: Vanuatu President Tallis Obed Moses 

GJP leader Regenvanu refutes claim about his connection with Opposition

When he was asked to respond to the Opposition claim that, they and GJP had secured a total of 23 MPs, Minister Regenvanu said he was aware of the claim which he said was baseless and without substance.

The GJP leader said it must be clear once and for all that people are tired of changes in government and are more in favor of political stability.

He said Opposition leaders making such claim should be ashamed of their doing.

PNG Opposition welcomes ACP delegation

In a media conference this afternoon, Opposition leader Don Polye said: “Our people are very friendly as we are the Melanesian people and accept our visitors and friends with open arms.”

He said PNG is an interesting place to visit as there are many business opportunities and friendly people.

This is the second time PNG is hosting the ACP.

PM ofis I ansa long oposisen long mane blong VRS

Office blong praem minista i talemaut bagegen se Mr Kalsakau, hemi pretend se hemi no save about wea ples nao 50% blong mani blong VRS istap long hem.

Vanuatu bribery hearing delay

The public prosecution office had asked for the adjournment.

This comes as the police investigate a break in at the office over the weekend.

Sixteen MPs, including four cabinet ministers, are facing accusations under both the penal code and the Leadership Code.

Last week the Minister of Finance, Willie Jimmy, pleaded guilty with the remainder, including acting prime minister Moana Carcasses, choosing to go to trial.

The MPs are accused of having accepted bribes offered to secure their support for a vote of no confidence last year.


Vanuatu opposition prepares motion amid bribery case

This comes as 18 mainly government MPs, including five ministers, are facing charges of bribery under both the leadership code and the country's penal code.

The Minister of Finance, Willie Jimmy pleaded guilty this morning to the charge of bribery under the leadership code.

The opposition said that the main reason it is preparing the motion is due to the seriousness of the current criminal case, the trial for which has been adjourned to next week.

Vanuatu opposition confident motion will go ahead

The Supreme Court this week declared a decision by the newly-appointed speaker of parliament, Marcellino Pipite, to rule out the opposition's motion of no confidence against the new prime minister Sato Kilman, and ordered parliament to reconvene on Tuesday to hear it.