Oxfam Vanuatu

Dept of Local Authorities signs MOU with Oxfam Vanuatu

The families are located across three provinces of Sanma, Shefa and Tafea. 

The MoU will establish a clear understanding of Oxfam’s humanitarian preparedness work including the Unblocked Cash project, for the purposes of responding to TC Harold and COVID19 recovery needs.

It will target the most vulnerable groups of people such as the elderly, people with disabilities, single mothers, widows, displaced households and local vendors and businesses whose livelihoods and incomes have been negatively impacted.

Oxfam Vanuatu conducts CDBRR refresher workshop

The refresher workshop held last week under the Disaster READY programme was aimed at training participants to have better knowledge of disaster management in Vanuatu, implementation of basic CBDRR activities and complete the Community Disaster and Climate Change Committees (CDCCC) registration processes