Oxfam in Vanuatu

Oxfam Unblocked Cash response injects 170 million VT into Vanuatu’s Sanma economy

The programme helps families cope with the socioeconomic implications brought by COVID-19 and TC Harold, while benefiting the local economy.

Sanma Provincial Council Secretary General Albert Ruddley thanked Oxfam and its partners while being updated about the programme by the response team.

Since it was rolled out in October 2020 until April 2021 more than 170 million VT has been injected into the Sanma economy.

Oxfam in Vanuatu and Vanuatu National Youth Council sign MOU

The agreement also enables funding support of VT4,000,000.

Oxfam in Vanuatu Partnership Coordinator under the Gender Justice & Youth Livelihoods Program, Hillary Garae, signed the agreement with Henry Vira, the Director General, Youth Development & Sports Ministry.

The purpose of this MoU is to outline the commitments made by Oxfam in Vanuatu and the VNYC in the process of drafting national youth policies.

This will provide a foundation of documents to empower, support, protect and advance youth in Vanuatu.



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