Pacific island nations say climate talks failure not an option

The Pacific island nations say they have been forced to consider such nuclear options as buying land abroad to grow food and preparing their people to migrate as the seas slowly claim their homelands.

But as representatives of Pacific island nations met in Jaipur in the western Indian desert state of Rajasthan this week, the message was clear -- world leaders meeting in Paris in December must deliver on expectations of a historic deal to combat global warming.

France: 3 people wounded in shooting on high-speed train

The suspect was arrested after the train stopped in Arras, 115 miles (185 kilometers north of Paris, Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henri Brandet said on French television BFM. Passengers were evacuated and police have secured the area.

Investigators from France's special anti-terror police are leading the investigation, a spokeswoman for the Paris prosecutor's office said.

100 Days: Countdown to Paris COP 21

The vulnerability of the Pacific Islands to climate change has been the subject of significant round table dialogue and discussions based on reliable scientific information.

It is a global problem with wide-ranging impacts and in the South Pacific region, it is essential that the messages are communicated successfully with the various stakeholders to the local communities.

As the chair of the next COP21, France is fully mobilized to achieve an ambitious and legally binding agreement. And its diplomatic network is also mobilized for this.

Investigators for missing Malaysia flight meet in Paris

Experts are trying to determine whether the part comes from the plane, which disappeared on March 8, 2014, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. The fragment was found on the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion and returned to the French mainland.

Malaysian officials left Monday's meeting without comment.

Pacific body wants strong commitment at COP 21

An SPC scientist, Raphaël Billé, says if they do not commit at least to the recommended 2 degree target for temperature increase by the end of the century all ocean protection and management processes in the Pacific would be rendered useless.