Vanuatu Parliament adjourned to Wednesday

Speaker of Parliament, Gracia Shadrack, told Members of Parliament in the Chamber that based on powers given to the Speaker under the Standing Order, he was adjourning the meeting to Wednesday .

The reason behind the adjournment was due to pending cases in Court that are related to the current political impasse that saw the Speaker announcing the seats of 19 MPs being vacant before the Supreme Court issued an Exparte Order for the MPs to return to parliament as the Court deals with their case and other issues at hand.

Legal challenge looms after Vanuatu speaker declares most govt seats vacant

The government had filed a motion to have the speaker, Gracia Shadrack, removed; a feud which saw the MPs and Prime Minister Bob Loughman boycott parliament for three days last week.

Yesterday morning, Shadrack said their three days' absence meant their seats were now vacant, announcing the suspended MPs one-by-one during a dramatic session of parliament.

But MPs, including Prime Minister Bob Loughman, refused to leave their seats, with security guards called onto the floor of parliament as a shouting match developed.

Vanuatu Govt stalling parliament to try and remove Speaker

It claimed that an afternoon court case it had sought, due to start at 3pm, precluded it from attending the parliament sitting.

The legal action is to try and force the Speaker, Gracia Shadrak, to allow a motion to have himself replaced as speaker.

The Bob Loughmann government wants Mr Shadrak gone after he allowed a vote of no confidence in the government, which he agreed to allow next Monday.

And Mr Shadrak says the motion for his removal can be heard at the same time.

Vanuatu Parliament sitting scheduled for 20 April

Members of Parliament will debate three written motions and six Bills.

The Bills are the Bill for the Public Health (Amended); Bill for the Value Added Tax (Amended); Bill for the Tax Administration (Amended); Bill for the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions); Bill for the Citizenship (Amended) and Bill for Dangerous Drugs (Amended).

Vanuatu MPs undergo induction for new term of Parliament

Following the March 2020 general election, 50 percent of the members in the 12th Legislature of the Republic of Vanuatu are newly elected MPs.

The induction programme is supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and focuses on key areas such as professional development of MPs and staff, the improvement of Committees’ legislative and oversight work, and support to parliamentary outreach and citizen engagement roles.

Vanuatu MP Entitlement posters released

The launch has been done in collaboration with the Right To Information (RTI) Unit under the Department of Strategic Policy, Planning and Aid Coordination (DSPPAC) at the Prime Minister’s Office, and Transparency International Vanuatu (TIV).

The informative A-3 size poster features entitlements and benefits of MPs prescribed under the Official Salaries Act (OSA) and the Members of Parliament (Expenses and Allowances) (Amendment) Act No 45 of 2017. The OSA provides 32 positions for MPs in the government, in the Speaker’s Office and in the Opposition’s Office and others.

Vanuatu women urged to unite, elect female MPs

She made the call amid criticism of foreign NGO's for their involvement in the 'Vot Woman' campaign, which is pushing for 50 percent of seats in Parliament to be reserved for women.

Reserved seats have existed on municipal councils for two terms and Mrs Malachi said critics should instead offer an alternative to potential women candidates.

She's teamed up with another former councillor, Marie Kalkoa, to support women running in the 2020 general election, in line with UN advice for the equal participation of women at politics.

Vanuatu mourns death of MP Jerry Kanas

Kanas died of a suspected heart attack at Vila Central Hospital Monday afternoon.

He was a Member of Parliament under the banner of the Leaders Party of Vanuatu in the 11th legislature.

Kanas was elected to Parliament in 2016 as an independent candidate then he joined the Leaders Party of Vanuatu (LPV) in 2017.

He was appointed Third Deputy Speaker until November 2018.

The Government has organized a State Funeral in honour of the late MP.


Photo supplied Caption: Vanuatu MP Jerry Kanas


Vanuatu govt planning supplementary budget

The Finance Minister, Gaeton Pikioune, needs parliamentary approval for the budget of more than $US58 million.

The Daily Post newspaper said the bulk of this money is earmarked for the Ministry of Finance, with significant quantities for education and public works.


Vote of No Confidence motion filed by PNG Opposition

Speaker Job Pomat, in a press conference after the sitting, said he will now allow due process to take place.

“I have received it. When parliament meets on the 28th (May), it will look at this notice, after it goes through the process of the Private Business Committee,” Pomat said.

He explained that Parliament may not necessarily vote on the 28th but with the motion notice given yesterday afternoon, this will go for the notice paper when parliament next meets.