Pokémon GO

2 Teens walk Across US-Canada Border while playing Pokemon Go

Two Canadian teenagers were apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol agents Thursday night after they inadvertently -- and illegally -- crossed the U.S.-Canada border while playing the location-based game on their phones, officials said.

Pokemon Go takes over town near North Korean border

In matching red T-shirts, hunched over two smartphones, a father coaches his young boy in how to catch Pokemon.

You have to wonder if they even know they have walked onto the beach as they huddle together in absolute concentration.

This is a scene replicated across the seaside city of Sokcho in South Korea, 35 kilometers or 20 miles away from the DMZ or demilitarized zone which splits North and South Korea.

Pokemon's tears for Syria

For many watching from a distance, the shock value of reports about the aftermath of barrel bombs, suicide attacks, torture and starving civilians can diminish with repetition.

One tactic that some Syrian activists are deploying to try to shortcut this is to tap into the global phenomenon that is Pokemon Go and to exploit it for all it's worth.

Pikachus, squirtles and weedles and the other characters in the augmented reality game have been unofficially co-opted to highlight the harsh realities of war.

Some of the best and worst Pokemon Go stories

If we wrote about every single funny tweet or poor sap who fell in a lake while trying to catch a Rattata (not worth it), we would never sleep.

To save you some time, here are some of the best, worst and weirdest things that have come out of the Pokemon craze. Surely, even more will come.


First of all, a guy just quit his job to catch 'em all

Pokemon Go finally launches in Japan

Amid a flurry of social media excitement, Niantic Labs, the software company behind the game, announced it was "finally broadcasting" in Japan.

First released in the US, Australia and New Zealand on 6 July and now available in more than 30 countries, the game has been a global phenomenon.

The Japanese launch comes with a McDonalds sponsorship deal.

Everything you could ever want to know about 'Pokemon Go'

13News Now has put together a list of everything you could ever want to know about Pokemon Go, along with some tricks and tips.

What are Pokemon?
Pokemon, or Pocket Monsters, were created in Japan in 1995. The concept is that people, commonly referred to as Pokemon Trainers, catch and battle creatures known as Pokemon. At this time there are over 700 different species of Pokemon. Though the Pokemon Go game currently focuses on the original 151.

Turns out Pokemon GO is unexpectedly great for mental health

Within 24 hours Nintendo's Pokemon GO mobile game had topped the US App Store, and within days it had more active users than Tinder. Nintendo's market capitalisation had gone up by more than $7 billion, and mobile gaming has been changed forever.

Long story short: A game where you race about the neighbourhood and catch virtual monsters has become probably the most successful app of all time.

Where your Pokémon 'Go' after you Die

The Pokémon Go game has been one of the most successful digital games to date, pushing Nintendo ’s valuation by $7.5 billion and increasing the stock price dramatically.

What’s the reason China fears Pokemon GO?

The Niantic-built game has defied all standards popularity and has built a realm of Pokemon hunters around the globe. Even though the game was criticised for being a potential privacy breaching tool, it doesn’t matter much to the Pokemon catchers. They can also avail free data, cab rides and Wendy’s Frosties as a bonus.

Florida teens, mistaken for thieves, shot at playing Pokemon Go

The man said he shot at their car after they refused to stop when he challenged them on Saturday. They were not hurt.

He said that earlier he had heard the pair say "did you get anything"?

Police in Florida have used the incident as an opportunity to issue guidelines for teenagers and parents on safely playing the game.