Resort arson suspect arrested in Vanuatu

The Daily Post newspaper reports that the arrests came after police reinforcements were flown to Tanna from Port Vila earlier this week.

The paper reports the arsons at Tanna Lodge are thought to be linked to the killing of a young man on the island last month.

It is understood the suspect in the killing is now in police custody in Port Vila.

Earlier this week after the most recent arson attack the resort owner and 20 tourists were evacuated to Port Vila over fears for their safety.

Niue police warn against scam emails

Niue's chief of police, Tony Edwards, says there have been reports of emails trying to scam people in Niue to provide personal information and send money overseas.

He says these types of scams are a common problem in the Pacific, and Niue police have been out in the community raising awareness about the issue.

Tony Edwards says they've been teaching people how to recognise the scams and are telling them to report it to the police.