Port Vila

Port Vila achieves Vanuatu’s national Covid-19 vaccination target

70 per cent of the eligible population have been fully vaccinated.

According to the ministry, the percentages mean Port Vila has achieved the target.

The ministry also reported that 88 per cent of SHEFA’s 57, 103 eligible population have received one dose, 69 per cent have taken both doses.

For SANMA, 89 per cent of the 28, 197 eligible citizens have received their first doses and 72 per cent are fully vaccinated.

Vanuatu has administered a total of 178, 646 doses of Covid-19 vaccines since the roll-out began last year.

Port Vila’s Erasa Dispensary resumes normal service

Two full time nurses are stationed there and they will be providing services from Monday to Friday.

The dispensary was temporarily closed while it was being renovated.

The Port Vila City Council, in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy officiated the completion of the renovations.

The Chinese Government provided about VT2.5 million for the refurbishment.

The total cost of works was VT5 million.


Ministries close in Port Vila as Covid threat looms

This comes after two Covid-19 cases were confirmed on arrival on a flight from New Caledonia.

The government public relations officer, Fred Vurobaravu, said the country's annual popular Fest' Napuan music festival, scheduled for this week in Vila, would be cancelled if any community case is confirmed.

Vurobaravu said the Covid-19 National Task Force was to test all 18 passengers who arrived on the flight from the French Territory, as well as all individuals who came into close contact with the two ni-Vanuatu.

Hundreds of illegal settlers evicted in Port Vila

It is the biggest relocation of illegal settlers undertaken on Efate and follows a police exercise last week, when about 100 people were relocated from near Mele village.

One of the relocated Black Sands villagers said he had been living there for 30 years.

The site is now an empty space. The settlers were given two weeks notice that they had to move.

They dismantled their makeshift houses, taking the materials with them.

They also cut down the fruit trees they had planted.

Construction of new Port Vila City Complex gets underway

Port Vila Mayor, Eric Puyo-Festa said, “The sister-city agreement between Port Vila and Foshan City of China has paved way for this project.”

The Chinese Ambassador Zhou Haicheng said the project reflects the growing relationship between China and Vanuatu, and marks an important milestone in the relationship between Port Vila and Foshan.

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Director, Liang Qing said, “The complex covers about 10,000 square meters which includes a running track, football field, basketball court, tennis court and other supporting facilities.”

Port Vila’s Erasa Dispensary re-opens

The dispensary is located at Nambatri next door to Au Bon Marche’s Wholesale.

Port Vila City Council’s Town Clerk Peter Sakita said construction was carried out by 3 different local companies at a of approximately VT 5 Million

Sakita added the Chinese Embassy donated VT 2.5 million while the PVCC funded the balance.

Management of the dispensary will remain with the PVCC, while the Ministry of Health will take care of the nurse take care of nurse as well as the a certain percentage of the medicine.

More vendors to be accommodated at Vanuatu’s Seaside Vegetable Market

This is part of the company’s project to extend all markets in Port Vila.

Port Vila Mayor, Eric Festa said they are grateful to such donations as vendors are able to display more products.

Festa said “The Royal Caribbean cruise project is to extend all the markets in Port Vila and keep the product safe and healthy so once the borders open people around Port Vila can display more products at the market and tourists can buy the products.”

More vendors are expected to be accommodated at the market.

Previously only 50 tables were available.  

Vanuatu’s high risk detainees part of Independence celebration

This is the time the Correctional Service has organised such event for the detainees.

Principal Correctional High Risk officer, John Jack Georges said the detainees were excited to partake in the independence celebration activities, in their own way.

In his speech, Manager Frank Solomon told the detainees that because of their good behavior they were rewarded with a celebration, and if they maintain this, he is confident that 2022 and Yumi 42 can be celebrated as with their wives and children.

180 detainees participated in the independence celebration.


Port Vila to host Melanesian Arts Festival in July

“The Festival will major in Food and Food Preparation, so that we can ‘kill two birds with one stone (as part of country’s 41st Independence Anniversary Celebrations)’, and we want to build six Traditional Houses round the back here on the Cultural Centre premises.”

Shing added that while custom dancing is important, food and different cultural recipes of food preparation will most likely be among the highlights of the Melanesian Arts Festival.

Vanuatu’s Child Care Centre assists student to recover from house fire incident

CCC founder, Nadia Kanegai said this is the first time for the school to help a student who went through such a terrible incident.

“CCC is a community school and the important thing is that we are a family,” she said.

“The goods and materials were donated by the teachers, students and the management.

“We sympathize with the families affected and see it as our obligation to support any other student in similar circumstances.”

Kanegai said she is grateful for people respond to such incidents.