Public servants

Work as usual for public servants during Vanuatu State of Emergency

The second last paragraph of the statement of the Caretaker Prime Minister (PM), Charlot Salwai, in relation to the SoE reads: “Stap home, protectem yu, bae yu stap safe oltaem” does not imply that all public servants are to stay home, the Public Service Commission (PSC) conveyed in a circular shared to all Director Generals and Directors to inform staff.

“This statement is to help prepare the public at large to develop and practice preparedness and prevention measures for COVID-19 situation in the country”.

Concerns in Vanuatu over public servant spending on overseas trips

An unnamed Director General has received more than $US60,000 in travel allowances this year alone, on top of other travel benefits.

The chair, Martin Mahe, said he believes some government employees are travelling excessively, wasting public funds that would be better spent on essential services.

He said anyone found to be travelling unnecessarily or overspending could have the costs docked from their salaries.

Call for prosecution of 19 public servants in Vanuatu

The commission has been investigating the alleged misuse of European development funds totalling more than $US1.3 million, intended for biofuel projects in Torba, Penama and Malampa provinces.

The Daily Post reported among those the commission has named are the French energy company UNLCO, the former prime minister and Malekula MP Sato Kilman and the Ambrym MP Albert William.

The commission found that the funds earmarked for the biofuel projects had almost all been depleted without any development.


Vanuatu to ban govt workers from operating public transport

Andrew Napuat has asked the chief executive of the Port Vila Land Transport Authority to cancel public servants' memberships to allow those who are unemployed to get involved in the industry.

The Minister said he intended to introduce legislation banning public servants as well as tour companies from owning a bus or a taxi.



Scheme to lift productivity of Vanuatu public servants

RNZ reports Charlot Salwai launched the programme in Port Vila on Tuesday in front of more than 500 public servants.

Mr Salwai said it was important to drive the performance of all public servants so they can improve their productivity and service delivery.

He said after 36 years of independence he was very happy to see the public service embrace innovative programmes to help achieve the government's priorities.

Vanuatu PSC restricts social media access

A memo issued by the Commission's acting secretary Jacques Gedeon said requests to use social media must be approved by the PSC Secretariat before access is enabled.

RNZI correspondent Heather Maraki said work was getting underway to implement the social media restrictions, which had already provoked a strong response from public servants.