Ralph Regenvanu

Vanuatu's Regenvanu calls for action to help Pacific regionalism

His call comes after Nauru, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia decided to initiate the formal process of withdrawing from the Forum.

The leaders of these countries said that by overlooking Micronesia's candidate in the appointment of a new Forum secretary general, South Pacific countries dishonoured a "gentleman's agreement" to rotate the post evenly among sub-regions.

Regenvanu, an experienced leader in the Foreign Affairs portfolio, said he understood Micronesia's frustration.

Vanuatu Opposition claim police bias in govt investigation

Police are currently investigating an allegedly unlawful contract issued by the Minister of Public Utilities, Jay Ngwele.

Regenvanu asked the acting police commissioner to explain why his staff were reportedly working with private investigators who were close friends of Ngwele.

Regenvanu claimed the investigations were "biased".

He also queried aspects of the investigation into the alleged contract which concerned the tarsealing of a road in Paray area in the captial of Port Vila.

Ralph Regenvanu to lead Vanuatu opposition bloc

According to our correspondent in Vanuatu, Mr Regenvanu was nominated in a meeting on Wednesday by the 22 MPs in the opposition bloc.

Former prime minister Charlot Salwai has been chosen to be his deputy.

Mr Salwai nominated Mr Regenvanu as the opposition's candidate for prime minister in parliament on Monday.

He lost to the newly elected prime minister and president of the Vanuaku Party, Bob Loughman 31 votes to 21.


Former Vanuatu Lands Minister 'available' for PM position

Regenvanu's Graon mo Jastis party is one of 11 political groups including 36 MPs, which have signed a Memorandum of Agreement to form a new coalition.

It came after days of closed door negotiations and also features the Vanuaaku Party, led by former Prime Minister Joe Natuman and the party of the jailed former PM, Moana Carcasses Kalosil, the Vanuatu Green Confederation.

Regenvanu says the agreement wasn't hard to reach, but whether the coalition holds together even for the next week before Parliament sits, is another matter entirely