Wilson's departure signals another blow for offshore detention

Wilson Security's decision follows the announcement by the service provider, Broadspectrum, earlier this year that

5 days old and lost at sea

His short life has been anything but easy.

He, his twin brother and his mother were among the 6,500 refugees and migrants rescued in a 30-hour period while attempting to make the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean.

Médecins Sans Frontières' ship Dignity 1 and the Spanish humanitarian group Proactiva Open Arms rescued people who were aboard 15 rubber boats and one wooden vessel Monday.

The twins and their mother were transferred via Medevac for treatment in Italy, according to a tweet from MSF.

The volunteer spirit: refugees seize the Rio 2016 opportunity

Among the 50,000 volunteers taking part in the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be a small group of people for whom the Olympic values of friendship and respect for others have a very special meaning: 38 refugees and asylum seekers from areas of unrest and conflict who have chosen Brazil as their new home.

For the refugees, providing valued services at the Games will help them reconnect with the outside world and build their self-esteem, after experiencing the anguish of losing their homes and leaving their friends and families behind.

Concerns for Somali woman on Nauru

Lawyers for the Somali woman are pleading with the Australian government to bring her to Australia so she can have an abortion because the United Nations says the procedure is illegal in Nauru.

They have reportedly received no reply from either Australia's Prime Minister or the Immigration Minister.

George Newhouse from Shine lawyers says the woman says she was raped in July and time is running out.

Asylum seekers free to move around Nauru

Nauru's Department of Justice and Border Control posted a notice on Friday saying Open Centre arrangements at the asylum seeker detention centre would be expanded to allow asylum seekers freedom of movement 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The government says it will introduce legislation at the next sitting of parliament to enshrine the arrangements in law.

Previously asylum seekers had to abide by strict curfews.

More than 30 seek refuge in Fiji

This was revealed by the Immigration Director Nemani Vuniwaqa after more than 30 applications from foreigners seeking asylum in Fiji were processed.

A total of 34 applications to seek asylum in the country were processed by the Immigration Department.

Only 20 refugees were confirmed with 13 remaining in the country.

“ The UNCHR regions office is based in Canberra is assisting them in terms of funds and monthly allowance. They are liaising with the team here at the department in ensuring these people are cared for,” said Vuniwaqa.

Fiji takes in four refugees, 20 await decision

This was confirmed by Deputy Director of Immigration Edward Brown during a presentation at the National Security Strategy Green Paper Consultation Friday.

Details of the refugees were not divulged, but according to Mr Brown, Fiji as a signatory of the Convention And Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees under the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), was duty-bound to take in refugees.

VIDEO: Tennis star Djokovic visits UN refugee camp in Serbia

He spent time with the youngsters at a UNICEF-supported "child-friendly" space in Belgrade on Tuesday

Djokovic, who is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, said he was hurt personally at seeing children who "don't know where they are going, where they are heading, what tomorrow brings."

Since the beginning of the year, 129,947 people have been registered in Serbia as asylum applicants, UNICEF said in a news release.

The Latest: EU plans new emergency meeting on migrant crisis

Tuesday's decision for the Sep. 22 meeting came in the wake of inconclusive meeting of interior ministers Monday where at least four eastern nations objected to the quota proposals to spread the refugees from Italy, Greece and Hungary across 22 other EU nations.

The Latest: EU nations agree to share 32,000 refugees

The total still stops short of the 40,000 initially sought, and is only a small part of the relocation of another 120,000 refugees under discussion Monday at an extraordinary meeting of EU interior ministers in Brussels.