Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr and Anne Hathaway nominated for 'worst acting'

Also known as the Golden Raspberry Awards, the ceremony celebrates the worst films of the year. Recent winners include Cats and The Emoji Movie.

Downey Jr is up for worst actor and "worst screen combo" for teaming up with his "unconvincing Welsh accent".

Dolittle was described as "shockingly poor" by BBC film critic Mark Kermode.

The Irish Times described it as "the low-point of every single career involved", while The Guardian said: "Every time Downey opens his mouth to say something unintelligible, the film dies a bit more."

Tech Tent: Iron Man’s climate change mission

But Robert Downey Jr has ambitions to play another role - that of an investor in technology to combat climate change.

He tells Tech Tent he wants to step out of the make-believe world of his Avengers character and confront the real threat to the planet.

"I'm not a kid any more. And I really want to find things that I think are dynamic and interesting and - tell me if I'm wrong - but isn't this the space to be catching the buzz right now?"

Robert Downey Jr launches YouTube doc featuring AI baby

The documentary - produced by the actor in partnership with his wife Susan - is one of the platform's highest profile and biggest-budgeted factual commissions to date.

The Avengers star is expected to give the Age of AI mass appeal.

One AI expert said there was "lots of eye candy for viewers with short attention spans".

Calum Chace, author of four books on the subject, added that artificial intelligence is a "large, complex, and important" subject.