Moanas in real life: Samoan man teaches his daughters traditional Pacific voyaging skills

Nafanua, Leilani and Emma are 14, 12 and 10-years-old respectively, and their dad Xavier Lui is teaching them the traditional skills of Pacific sea voyaging.

Emma says she likes seeing turtles, riding the bow of the va'a ("boat" in Samoan), and feeling connected to her culture.

"It uncovers the history and you can make your own history while you sail, go on that big boat and make your own," she says, gesturing to the Samoan Voyaging Society's double-hulled canoe, the Gaualofa.

Sailor Sydney Pettitt nominated for C.I.F.P. IOC President’s Prize for Youth 2015

The Youth representation refers to “an athlete or a team within the under-20 age category, for a gesture of fair play”. Pettitt was nominated as a young and potential sailor athlete representing VNSA.

The nomination and award is for upholding and practicing the C.I.F.P. Fair Play in Sport Youth Charter which is: