Sato Kilman

New Vanuatu PM wants to 'revisit' Australia security pact

The deal, which includes closer cooperation with Australia on defense, border security, policing and aviation safety, was a major factor behind the ouster of former leader Ishmael Kalsakau, who had tried to expand Vanuatu's international ties after winning a general election in November.

Kilman, who came to power on Monday in a secret ballot after Kalsakau lost a no-confidence vote, said it was unlikely the deal would be ratified by parliament as it stands.

Sato Kilman elected as Vanuatu's new prime minister

Kilman received a total of 27 votes, while Kalsakau got 23 votes.

Kilman, 65, was the deputy PM in Kalsakau's government before being removed in May. At the time Kalsakau had stated that Kilman's dismissal was for "stability of the coalition government".

"Mr speaker first and foremost I want to say a big thank you to the members of parliament and the political parties that supported the change in government. Thank you," he said.

"But thank you even more for standing your ground and for ensuring that democracy prevails in Vanuatu."

A former Vanuatu PM testifies in Salwai trial

Charlot Salwai is facing trial on perjury, bribery and corruption charges after being accused of misinforming the country that he had government support to appoint parliamentary secretaries in 2016.

The then opposition leader and now deputy prime minister, Ishmael Toroama, had brought the complaint that led to the charges.

He was aggrieved that, in 2016, Mr Salwai managed to avoid a no confidence vote by appointing the parliamentary secretaries.

Vanuatu opposition names leader

Mr Kalsakau says the opposition will be watching with keen interest the promises made by the Salwai government to produce a list of its achievements after its first 100-days.

He says this has been promised before without success.

Mr Kalsakau, who is the former Attorney general, has called on the deputy prime minister, Joe Natuman, to step aside to allow a legal case, alleging he was involved in a conspiracy surrounding the appointment of the Police Commissioner, to be heard in court.

Vanuatu wins Top UN award

The Prime Minister stated that, “I am very pleased today to reveal that the United Nations and its ICT agency, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), have decided to honor Vanuatu with the UN/ITU ‘Award for ICTs in Sustainable Development.’ This award was given for using ICTs to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

Vanuatu prime minister hits out at country's journalists

The Prime Minister says media freedom comes with responsibility and does not allow a journalist to defame or to say rude words about another person.

PM Kilman says with information flow becoming faster, if it is released before being checked, it can destroy a person's reputation and credibility.

Journalists at the meeting agree journalists need to take extra care, but say political leaders must also know how to use the media and to accept that when they do wrong it will be reported.

Latest Vanuatu no confidence motion today

Kilman only came to power earlier this month after bringing a successful vote of no confidence against Jo Natuman's government.

But Natuman's group has contested the legality of that and is seeking to overturn it on the grounds that most of Kilman's supporters are facing charges of bribery.

He also claims the dumping of his government has interfered with the recovery from Cyclone Pam.

Vanuatu attendance at MSG delayed

That case has been delayed until Wednesday afternoon.

The Vanuatu opposition had challenged the decision by the newly appointed Speaker of Parliament Marcellino Pipite to dismiss the application against the Sato Kilman led government.

Meanwhile the trial of 19 MPs who allegedly received money from the then opposition leader, Moana Carcasses, in exchange for their support to effect a change of government is also underway.

Mr Carcasses has previously admitted giving the money to the MPs but insists they were personal loans, not bribes.